The Competition - 2020

The MIT Enterprise Forum (MITEF) Greece Startup Competition is a business-skills accelerating competition in which Greek technology startups compete for prizes and international brand recognition.

We are proud to announce this year’s Winners in each Specialty Track.

Winners - MITEF Startup Competition 2020

General Track

ResQ Biotech

Giorgos Skretas, Dafni Delivoria - ResQ Biotech - MITEF Startup Competition 2020

ResQ Biotech has developed a technology enabling the production of enormous combinatorial libraries of small, drug-like cyclic peptides (hundreds of millions) and their ultrahigh-throughput screening for the identification of putative drugs that prevent pathogenic protein misfolding. The team has already performed various screenings and is in the process of preclinically developing hit molecules for Alzheimer’s disease  and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Their top performing lead molecules will be licensed to Pharma.

1st Runner up


Homi 2nd Prize Winner - MITEF Startup Competition 2020

HOMI is a digital real estate company that guides you through the entire sales process from the initial valuation to the final contract with notary. Stop wasting time and money guessing the value of your property, arranging viewings and collecting documents. HOMI does this for you via a free property valuation, direct online bookings, and an online documentation service.

Energy Track

The Sarm Project

Sarm Project - Energy Track Winner Syndeseas Integrated Solutions 3rd Prize Winners - MITEF Startup Competition 2020

The team behind the SARM project was initially assembled in 2015, with the goal of developing and introducing to the industry a novel rotary internal combustion engine (SARM), that will raise the level of this technology beyond anything available in the market: the smallest, lightest, more powerful and environmentally friendly engine, that will work with all available fuel types, including hydrogen and e-fuels. Their work has already produced three new technologies; a rotary gas compressor, a gas expander, and a pump, all based on the design of their engine, which will be their first commercial product in the energy industry.

Maritime Track

Syndeseas Integrated Solutions

Syndeseas Integrated Solutions 3rd Prize Winners - MITEF Startup Competition 2020

Syndeseas is an integrated software for ships fuel consumption & GHG emissions monitoring, reporting and verification, serving all regulatory requirements and all involved parties needs at the same time, making compliance easy and unlocking the benefits of digitalization, for all. Designed to facilitate and enhance the shipping sector’s contribution towards tackling climate change, it can serve the needs of ship
owners/managers, independent verifiers, flag administrations & regulatory bodies.