The Competition - 2018

This is the 3rd edition of MITEF Greece Startup Competition, a business skilss accelerating competition, in which local technology entrepreneurs will compete for prizes and global recognition that will further their startup goals. Based on the principle of “fair play”, this competition aims to unlock the growth potential of Greek startups and maximize their performance in order to scale faster and reach the global market.

The Finals & Awards Ceremony of the MITEF Greece Startup Competition 2018 took place in June at NCSR “DEMOKRITOS”.

1st Place

Winner 2018 Photo

The competition’s winner, AJM Med-i-caps has developed a technique for easy, accurate and safe, intestinal screening for precancer/early stage cancer detection. The company has designed an electronic fluorometric capsule that works in combination with an injectable fluorescent probe that highlights precancerous cells /early stage cancers. This product is expected to revolutionise the way men and women are screened for small intestine and colorectal cancer.

2nd Place

Winner 2 2018 Photo

The 1st runner up,​ Innate Repair has intellectual property on novel cancer therapeutics with a starting focus on aggressive brain tumors. Their therapeutics kill the cells that evade current therapies and cause recurrence. Innate Repair’s therapeutics include novel treatments and already FDA-approved drugs to be repurposed, meaning they can move to the clinic fast. The company seeks to further de-risk their therapeutics, license them out, and focus on the next generation of Innate Repair treatments.

3rd Place

Winner 2018 3 Photo

The 2nd runner up is Augmenta, and their first product, “Field Analyzer”, was built from 5 farmers and engineers for the farmers who want to apply the optimal amount of fertilizer and pesticide, in real time, to every inch of their farm and eventually make 17% more revenue than they do today. Augmenta’s patent pending and scientifically validated solution, is a device which can be easily mounted to any tractor and is based on machine vision and learning, while collecting, analyzing and eventually given back in a simple visualized way to the farmer.


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